Petit Four: A Gorgeous Wedding Trend

These tiny gourmet desserts are adorable as they are delicious. If you are looking for something different, our petit fours are perfect to display on your wedding cake table.

But, what is a petit four?

A petit four (plural: petits fours) is a small confectionery or savory appetizer. The literal translation of this amazing treats, originated in France, is “little oven”. The name has nothing to do with the number four. In French, four means “oven.”

A little bit of history,,,

In the 19th century, where no gas ovens were invented yet, French bakers had huge brick or stone ovens that were usually coal fired. With no temperature controls, bakers use the intense fire ("big oven") to roast meats, crusty loaves of bread and cakes. When the fire was dying out they use the retained heat to bake individual pastries and bite-sized appetizers, this was called petit four ("little oven").

In So Sweet! we confection these delectable mini - cakes with layers of moist cake and delicious buttercream for your wedding or event!

Contact us today for a free estimate!

Heidi Viera


So Sweet!

Charleston, SC

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