Harry Potter Bachelorette Party!

Calling all Potterhead soon-to be-brides. You’re getting married and its time to plan an epic bachelorette party! Hop aboard your broomstick and check out how you can make this fun girls weekend happen! Let’s first start by saying Etsy, Amazon and the Dollar Store will be your best friends for finding tons of Harry Potter themed goodies for your weekend. But before we jump into the chachkies … Check out the AMAZING rendition of this Yule Ball cake created by the very talented Heidi Viera

of So Sweet Wedding Cakes! Can you think of a more perfect cake for this event?

The cake was gorgeously decorated with Hermione's Yule Ball dress from the Goblet of Fire. And, it was oh so delicious!

The moist chocolate layered cake was accompanied with butter cream and chocolate ganache encased in fondant - YUM Y’ALL!!

[P.S. - Check out the happy bachelorette with that cake!]

Bachelorette Attire Tanks/Shirts: We coordinated tank tops for the bride and bachelorettes. We ordered a special “Mischief Managed” tank for the bride (DUH!) and “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” tanks for the party squad from Etsy.

We also employed a few “Mischief Managers” to ensure things didn’t get too out of hand! (We created these with decals from Etsy ironed on to basic black t-shirts)

Sunglasses: We added some fun custom-designed eye protectors - which were essential for our time on the beach.

Bride Sash: The bride-to-be's adorable Muggle to Mrs Sash came from … you guessed it, Etsy!

Harry Potter Treats The Harry Potter themed treats were a product of perusing Pinterest, a trip to the Dollar Store and print-at-home labels. Here’s a quick line up:

- Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans: You can pick up some jelly beans at the grocery store and put them in a bowl or cup with a cute label, or purchase prepackaged ones here.

- Jelly Slugs: These are probably the easiest of all the treats - they are just gummy worms :)

- Butter Beer: An essential for any Harry Potter event! View this super easy recipe. - Golden Snitches: Another fun and easy treat. Purchase some Ferrero Rocher chocolates and add these printable wings.

Goodies We bundled each bachelorette's goodies into cute beach buckets purchased from the Dollar Store. Each bucket included a tank top, sunglasses, drinking cup (for butter beer!), and an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Letter: This easy to make at home letter was customized, printed and dyed with teabags for a rustic feel. We used this template.

Cups: These were a fun way to create a character for each bachelorette. This budget-friendly item was purchased at the Dollar Store and we added quotes from each Harry Potter character.

Games: And, no party is complete without fun games! Etsy is another great place to find themed bachelorette and bridal shower games! We used these Harry Potter games and had a BLAST playing them!

We hope you found some inspiration in this amazing Harry Potter themed girls weekend! Every party is a little more fun when there's a theme - especially if it involves Harry Potter!!!

xo Emily

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