Winter Weddings Vol. 1 : Cakes Flavors

Winter is around

the corner! And

you can bring the

magic of the season

to your wedding


In So Sweet! we are more than ready for the winter with a bold list of cake flavors!

Dare to evoke the happiness of the season with one of ours gorgeous cakes!

Cake Flavors

#1 Cinnamon Spice

Soft but very rich cake blessed with a mix of cinnamon and more delicious spices.

#2 Coquito Cake

Try the amazing flavor of one of the most famous and traditional puerto rican's drinks, Coquito. This blend of different milks, cream and rum will let your guests asking for more cake!

#3 Black Forrest

This rich chocolate cake, soaked liquor, and layered with a cherry filling is one in a kind...

#4 Italian Cream Cake

Buttermilk cake covered with coconut buttercream. Simple and elegant.

#5 Carrot Spice Cake

Share the tradition of the holidays with this moist cake.

#6 Red Velvet

Red, white, silky and smooth!

#7 Strawberry Champagne

Made from scratch with real champagne and soft and real strawberry buttercream.

#8 Amaretto Cake

This amazing cake is classic, soft and moist.

Are you already hungry? Because I am.... ;)

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xoxo, Heidi

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