Heidi Viera

Her whole life, Heidi Viera was fascinated for the culinary arts. She learned to cook since she was young and loved to create different dishes for her family. Borned and raised in Puerto Rico, she learned to cook with a lot of latin flavors. These flavors are incorporated in every cake and dessert, providing a different menu options to every customer.  She's was fascinated in how artists made amazing cakes and she felt admiration for this business. She decided to take pastry classes and instantly she discovered that her true passion was cake confection.


More and more customers were asking about her cakes and the business grew, so in 2012, So Sweet! was born. Viera's success came quickly due to her fearless attitude, unsinkable positive mentality, and passion to see a happy smile on her customer's faces.


Viera's mission is to create cakes of fine quality, perfect taste, beautiful and different decorations. Her goal is to continue creating cakes and smiles.